Today taking care of health is not a luxury but a necessity. Taking into account that most megacities are very polluted, the likelihood of various diseases increases including diseases of women’s genital organs and systems. Recent statistical analysis of cases of cervical cancer shows that the annual number of cases is increasing and now is about half a million people. Nowadays some plants from the family of indols are identified as those ones which have anti-tumor effect.

Indispensable preparation to strengthen the body is INDOLE-3 (indole-3) - a dietary supplement that is used to enhance women’s health. Indole-3 product helps to prevent with such women’s diseases , as:

- Diseases of women’s genital organs;

- Diseases of the breast;

- Cycle infringement;

- Endometriosis;

- Ovarian cysts;

- Fibrocystic breast disease;

- Premenstrual syndrome (PMS);

- Fibrimioma uterus;

- Cervical dysplasia;

- Breast cancer ;

- Cancer of the cervix;

- Thrush in women treatment which treatment can be very debilitating and unpleasant;

- Human papilloma virus in all forms (genital peaked condylomas, warts, respiratory papillomatosis).

Indole-3 has a beneficial effect in the treatment of hyperplastic processes woman’s reproductive organs, let maintain a normal female hormone balance, protecting the reproductive organs from cancer. Also INDOLE-3 prevents breast cancer and other cancers, is an excellent source of natural antioxidants, helps to slow down the aging process of the body. Indole-3 has a tonic and restorative effect on the body in general, prevents formation of negative metabolites in transformation of female hormones (estrogenes).

The important fact is that the product almost does not side effects and can be used for long-term use. It is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, and children.

More effective result of the drug you can reach with the cream of indole-3. Before taking the product INDOLE-3 you should consult with a qualified professional.