The principle of action of the drug INDOLE-3

The principle of action of the product INDOLE-3 is aimed at preventing the development of tumors, strengthening of women’s health (in particular, the resolution of the cyclical processes of the female body, normalize hormonal balance and treatment of various diseases of woman’s genital organs).

The active ingredient of the product INDOLE-3 is an indole-3-carbinol (200 mg). Adjuvants are tsimitsifugi extract (40 mg), calcium stearate, lactose, maltodekstroza and broccoli powder (100 mg).

In the early 90’s scientists proved the interrelation of cruciferous vegetables consumption and the incidence of breast tumors, uterus, of the colon and small intestine cancer. Cruciferous vegetables include all kinds of cabbage, radishes, rutabagas and turnips. Scientists have also found that a person needs to eat at least 900 grams of these vegetables to get the desired effect. Considering the current pace of life of the average person, few people can afford to monitor their diet so carefully. That is why four main types of indoles (indole-3-Karbidol, ascorbigen, isothiocyanate, and diindolmetan sulforavan) which have anti-tumor effect were secreted from the cruciferous vegetables.

Product INDOLE-3 is recommended for women who wish to make prophylactics of breast and female genital organs tumors, normalize hormonal level, reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, the overall strengthening of the body, slowing down the aging process.

The principle of the Indole-3 is based on the fact that the active ingredient increases the activity of enzymes of the liver cells frequentative, normalizes the activity of the enzyme system and small intestine. The biological activity of the product is caused by the proven healing properties of indole 3 carbinol, which prevents the formation of dangerous metabolites in the transformation of female sex hormones. INDOLE-3 also helps to slow down the aging process.

Indole-3 (INDOLE-3) is recommended for people who cannot eat sufficient vegetables regularly for some reason. Intake of INDOLE-3 product allows to slow the development of human papillomavirus, cervical cancer, dysplasia, ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids. Indole-3 is recommended for women who have diagnosis of fibrocystic breast disease.

You could get the most using cream Indole-3. You should consult your doctor before the course. Indole-3 product is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to any of the active ingredients and for pregnant.