Treatment and prevention of cancer

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Treatment and prevention of cancerWhat is cancer? What are the reasons of appearance of cancer? What is the treatment and prevention of cancer? This will be discussed later in this article.

Cancer is the oncological disease that belongs to a group of diseases, the cause of which appearance is a sharp increase of the epithelial cells that cover almost all organs and tissues of the human body. Disease got its name in consequence of the fact that the surrounding tissues neoformation protuberances resemble the shape of the nipper of cancer.

There are two basic types of neoformations: non-malignant and malignant. Non-malignant neoformations grow slowly and for long period of time do not affect organs and systems.

Malignant neoformations grow very quickly and extend into the surrounding tissues, destroying them. In addition, malignant neoformations cause metastases that can occur in different parts of the body. Malignant cells can move freely through the blood or lymphatic vessels, and then stopping in any organ, which causes the growth of new malignant tumors. Cancer affects almost any organ or tissue of the human body.

The most common causes of cancer include:

1) Internal causes:

- Heredity.

2) External causes:

- Smoking is one of the most common types of cancer (lung cancer);

- Excessive use of alcohol can cause beginnings of cancer of the larynx, oesophagus and liver;

- The constant staying in direct sunlight. Ultraviolet radiation is especially dangerous for holders of the light skin;

- Improper feeding causes cancer of the intestine and stomach. Doctors have already proven this interdependence;

- Ionizing radiation;

- Viruses, in particular, virus of hepatitis B can cause liver cancer;

- Hormonal disorders and malfunctions in the body can lead to cancer of the female or the male genital organs;

- Carcinogenic factors. According to statistics, six percent of the cases of cancer is the share of the people who work in hazardous industry;

- Chronic diseases and injuries can also cause cancer.

Treatment and prevention of cancer could be prescribed only after a careful diagnosis. The personal watchfulness and attentiveness of a person plays a considerable part in the diagnosis of any type of cancer. In that case, if you notice constantly recurring symptoms, you should immediately contact your doctor to get competent examination: blood test for tumor markers, X-ray, ultrasound and microscopic examination, magnetic resonance or computed tomography.

The most common symptoms of cancer include:

- lymphadenopathy of the neck and other parts of the body;

- tensive pain in the lactiferous glands;

- cough with blood threads;

- loss of appetite;

- increase of the size of moles and birthmarks on the body;

- blood streaks;

- cloudy urine and other symptoms.

Asymptomatic cancer course often occurs, especially in the early stages.

Treatment and prevention of cancer. Treatment is prescribed after a thorough examination of the patient. Depending on the type and nature of the tumor, oncologist may prescribe one or more types of treatment: surgical removal of the tumor, chemotherapy or radiation treatment. These cancer treatments are very often combined for maximum effect.

In order to prevent cancer, physicians recommend:

- to have examinations timely;

- refusal of bad habits (smoking, alcohol and drugs);

- changing the place of work, in that case, if you work in hazardous to the health industry;

- removal of the harmful effects on the body of a pregnant woman and the fetus;

- not to make the excessive use of sunbathing;

- to maintain normal body weight;

- to include in the diet dietary supplements (eg, "Indole-3" complex for the prevention of many types of oncological diseases) after consultation with a dietician;

- to follow the rules of a balanced diet;

- to try to live a healthy life.

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