Vitamins for Women Health

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Vitamins for Women HealthDo you often notice discomfort, constant fatigue or feel depressed? These symptoms can often occur in the spring because of a lack of vitamins in the female body. When you are faced with the first signs of vitamin deficiency: sluggishness, drowsiness, difficult morning awakening, irritability, worsening of the condition of hair, skin and nails, you need to visit a doctor immediately so he could prescribe the appropriate treatment to you.

So, what vitamins are essential for women’s health?

Do you notice that the skin of the face began to peel off, gums became inflamed periodically, there are neurological disorders, sexual activity is reduced, you often catch the flu, sharpness of your vision is reduced and eyes get tired? Then there is lack of vitamin A in your body. Retinol ("vitamin A") removes all of these issues. The following products: liver, eggs, milk, apricots, cabbage, vegetables and all yellow and red fruit contain vitamin A. Excessive amounts of retinol in the body can cause sleep problems (insomnia), hair loss, liver and vision problems and intense headaches.

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) will help to solve problems of swellings and a bad mood. Vitamin B1 is responsible for the normal functioning of the nervous system and an appetite as well. Wholemeal muesli, nuts, grains, lean pork and beans contain vitamin B1. Lack of thiamine in the body provokes exacerbation of gastritis, indigestion, poor concentration, swelling and depression.

Vitamin B2 will care of the health of your liver and lips. Riboflavin is involved in the assimilation of carbohydrates and proteins. Vitamin B2 protects you from the appearance of cracks on the lips and in the corners of the mouth, from the disorders of the central nervous system, the problems with the skin and mucous membranes. Buckwheat and oats, meat, spinach, fish, broccoli and other dark green vegetables contain vitamin B2. If there is an excess of vitamin B2 in the body, there is no negative symptoms.

The following vitamins for women health cut a conspicuous figure in the body:

- Vitamin C. It helps to preserve youth, is involved in the synthesis of hormones, strengthens the immune system of the body. Vegetables, berries, fresh fruit, in particular, black currants, mandarin, wild rose, sea buckthorn, grapefruit, cranberry, lemon, green onions, strawberries and oranges contain vitamin C. Lack of vitamin C in the body leads to gingival hemorrhage and inflammation of the gum, a sharp lowering of immunity, breathlessness while walking, nagging muscle pain, skin itching and desquamation. Oversupply of vitamin C in the body can lead to diarrhea.

- Vitamin E plays an important role in the reproductive system of women. Vitamin E reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, is responsible for the health of the joints, nervous system and muscles as well. Tocopherol maintains normal level of hemoglobin in the blood. The natural sources of vitamin E are nuts, grains and vegetables, vegetable oils. Lack of vitamin E in women leads to menstrual irregularities, fatigue, muscle weakness, anemia, slow digestibility of fats. Oversupply of vitamin E in the body causes diarrhea and dizziness.

- The health of the skin, hair and nails depends on a sufficient amount of vitamin H in the female body. In addition, vitamin H or biotin regulates cellular respiration, is directly involved in metabolism. Vitamin H prevents the adipopexia. Egg yolks, nuts, yeast and liver contain vitamin H. Vitamin H deficiency leads to loss of appetite, depression, drowsiness, nausea, indigestion, weakness and the worsening of the skin, nails and hair condition.

To be healthy, a woman needs to monitor the correctness of her diet carefully. If you lead an active lifestyle and are unable to eat in a balanced manner, then you should think about inclusion supplements in your diet, in particular, the product INDOLE-3, which supplements your diet with all the necessary substances, and is an excellent remedy for the prevention of many women diseases. It is recommended to consult a physician before use.

Be healthy and beautiful!

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