Women uterus diseases

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Women uterus diseasesWhich diseases of the uterus in women could occur? At the present time, there are many gynecological diseases, which every woman could face. In this article we present a list of the most common women’s diseases and their symptoms.

The prevention and detection of diseases of the female reproductive organs at early stages is very important for every woman. Therefore, every woman should know the basic symptoms of gynecological diseases, as well as the causes of various diseases.

The most common women uterus diseases:

1) Uterine prolapse or descent of womb (complete or partial prolapse of the uterus). Symptoms include feelings and complaints of the presence of an extraneous body in the urogenital space area. Depending on the particular case, treatment of uterine prolapse could be both conservative and surgical.

2) A non-cancerous growth of the uterus (myoma or fibromyoma of the uterus). The tumor develops in the muscular layer of the uterus and is composed of muscle and connective tissue.

3) Uterine polyps occur in the majority of cases against the background of chronic inflammation of the genital organs and hormonal disruptions in the body.

4) Uterine cancer is a malignant growth in the area of the uterus. Carcinoma of uterus is the cancer of the endometrium (mucous membrane of the uterus), which covers the walls of the uterus. Carcinoma of uterine cervix is localized in the area of the cervix.

5) Endometriosis is the disease that is characterized by active growth of cells of the inner layer of the uterine wall outwards this layer. Patients complain of the following symptoms: abdominal pain, increased volume of this organ. Endometriosis is dangerous because of infertility.

6) Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus (endometritis) affects the functional and basal layer of the mucous membrane of the uterus.

7) Ectopic position or pseudo erosion could be congenital or non-heritable. Congenital ectopia is characterized in that the columnar epithelium is located from outside of the external os uteri externum while birth or is moved there during the pubertal period. Non-heritable ectopy could be developed after abortion, resulting in the rupture of the cervix and canalis cervicis uteri subsequent deformation. Non-heritable ectopy could be accompanied by inflammation.

8) Cervical erosion is a defect of the epithelial coat of the vaginal part of the uterus. Erosion could be true and false. True erosion refers to inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs, which have acuity and often develop while vaginitis and cervicitis.

One of the most common symptoms of the presence of some disease of the genital organs of women is fluor albus (unusual or excessive discharges from the genital organs), menstrual disorders, bleeding or blood-tinged discharge from the genital organs. Many diseases are often asymptomatic, so regular visiting of the gynecologist for a check-up is important in the prevention of diseases.

Predisposing factors for the development of gynecological diseases are: constant stress, overwork, improper feeding, hypothermia and other diseases that weaken the female body.

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