Ways to strengthen immune system

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Ways to strengthen immune systemAre you often ill in the autumn and winter? According to statistics, the greater part of the population suffers from the cold-related diseases and flu during this period. How do you know how much healthy is your body and whether or not it is ready to stand against infections and viruses that cause the common cold in the autumn and winter?

It is very simple to do. Answer the following questions for your own sake:

- Do you have acute respiratory viral infections 3-4 times a year?

- Are you allergic to pollen, dust, hair or pharmaceuticals?

- Do you often have oral herpes?

- Do you have bad habits (excessive alcohol consumption or smoking)?

- Do you eat fruit and vegetables not very often?

- Is your lifestyle more passive that active?

If most of the answers were positive, you should think about the ways to strengthen immune system in the autumn and winter to stay healthy and full of energy.

But don’t get into a flap! Your immunity needs your help and support urgently. It is possible to strengthen the phylactic power of the body not only with help of medicinal remedies but with complementary medicine as well.

What folk ways to strengthen immune system are there?

If your immune system works continuously without your support, it is weakened very fast and the body becomes more accessible to a variety of infections and viruses. To be healthy, it is necessary to strengthen and support your immune system constantly.

Doctors often advise to strengthen the immune system with help of a variety of immunomodulators. But why do you need the artificial maintenance of the immune system? There are so many ways available to help to strengthen and improve the immune system in the complementary medicine.

The most effective ways to strengthen the immune system include:

- Conditioning. The main thing is to carry out conditioning gradually. It is necessary to begin conditioning from the bottom upwards, that is, first of all you should throw water on your feet, then go up to the waist and finish dousing with water completely. Remember that it is necessary to increase the area of the body, which is thrown with water, gradually. It is necessary to reduce the temperature of the water within 10-14 days.

Fresh air is conducive to strengthening of the immune system very much. It should be mentioned that the faster you move at a walk, the better it is for your body. Start walking in a small way. Alight from the transport one or two stops earlier than usual, when you get home. Sports activities (fitness, aerobics, dancing, etc.) influence the immunodefences very much.

To strengthen the immunodefences from the inside, it is necessary to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. Live yogurt and kefir, fresh fruit and vegetables have maximum beneficial effect on the body.

Take care of yourself and be in good health!

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