Symptoms of hormonal imbalance in females

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Symptoms of hormonal imbalance in femalesDo you begin to notice the fact that you are on emotional rollercoaster frequently? Do you feel tired and apathetic constantly? Be careful, these are the first symptoms of hormonal imbalance in females. Hormonal imbalance represents one of the most frustrating diseases, which cause discomfort to the woman. Hormonal imbalance occurs the most frequently in women.

The external signs of hormonal imbalance include:

- Dramatic reduction in weight with an excellent appetite;

- Tremor of the fingers;

- Increased sweating;

- Increased nervousness;

- Dramatic mood swings;

- Sleep disorders;

- Raise of body temperature to subfebrile (37-37,5);

- Rapid weight increase, obesity for no discernible reason;

- Itching of the skin;

- The appearance of the purple stretch marks on the body;

- Hypertrichosis (excessive growth of body hair).

The above mentioned symptoms of hormonal imbalance in females are indicative of disorders of the endocrine system activity, disorders of the reproductive system activity, disorders of the hypothalamus, succenturiate kidney and pituitary glands activity.

Dramatic progressive loss of vision, headache, coarsening of the facial features, accrementition of lips and tongue are symptoms, which are indicative of the serious disorder of the endocrine system.

Hormonal imbalance often leads to menstrual disorder, intense pain during menstruation, menopause syndrome, difficult development of pregnancy and childbirth. Hormonal imbalance in women could lead to infertility in women the most frequently.

It is believed that the woman often feels badly during menstruation but, in fact, menstrual syndrome does not cause serious discomfort and is not accompanied by pain, rapid changes in blood pressure, dizziness, severe swelling of the extremities, abdominal distention, general uneasiness and severe depression of strength in healthy women.

The following symptoms: acne, stretch marks and excessive growth of hair-covering, hyperactivity of sebaceous glands appear, when there is excess of the male hormone testosterone in the female body. Deficiency of male hormones causes pain in the mammary glands, hardening of the mammary glands during menstruation and their swelling, the impossibility to become pregnant.

Hormonal imbalance in females is often associated with aging. Many women at the age over 30 years, which have hormonal imbalance, complain of menopausal syndrome, "hot flashes", excessive nervousness, impaired arterial blood pressure, depression, insomnia, increased fatigability, pain in the heart, painfullness of the joints and other, when there is hormonal imbalance.

If you experience symptoms of hormonal imbalance, you should visit gynecologist and endocrinologist.

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