Severe pain during menstrual cycle

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Severe pain during menstrual cycleEvery woman faced with severe pain during menstrual cycle, which is a normal physiological state for women of reproductive (child producing) age, at least once in her life. Pain in the lower abdomen could appear for the first three days of menstruation. According to statistics, pain during menstruation causes temporary disability of approximately ten percent of all women of reproductive age.

What could provoke the severe pain during menstrual cycle? The most common reasons that cause painful sensations of different intensity during menstrual cycle include:

- An imbalance of hormones in a woman’s body (in particular, the imbalance between progesterone and prostaglandins). In addition to severe pain, a lot of prostaglandins can cause increased irritability, pain in the small of the back, nausea, digestive disturbances, headache and vomiting;

- Fibromyoma (non-malignant growth) of the uterus;

- Endometriosis;

- Diseases of the organs of the reproductive system (uterus, vagina, ovaries or fallopian tubes);

- Intrauterine device.

If your menstrual period is painless in most cases, it does not mean that you will never experience painful sensations during menstruation. Predisposing factors, which could subsequently provoke severe pain during menstrual cycle, are:

- First menstruation at an early age;

- Menstruation, which continues for more than five days;

- Smoking;

- Overweight;

- Excessive alcohol consumption;

- Absence of pregnancies.

If you experience severe pain during menstrual cycle, request assistance of your gynecologist, which will prescribe the treatment, which is suitable for you, after a thorough examination and additional tests and analyzes.

Currently, there are several different ways to treat pain during menstrual cycle. In particular: hormonal contraceptives (which help to normalize hormonal balance), nitroglycerin plaster or applications, acupuncture, special electronic devices that block the spread of pain impulses to the brain.

Request medical assistance immediately if:

- The pain increased dramatically;

- Bleeding increased sharply;

- Pain lasts longer than usual;

- Fever, increased sweating, there is a sharp pain in the joints and muscles and other symptoms, that indicate the presence of infection in the body;

- Delayed menstruation (over 25 years of age).

It is necessary to call for an ambulance urgently if:

- Woman lost consciousness;

- She feels dizziness, when standing up;

- She experiences a severe pain, which makes her to "double over";

- There are pieces of tissues of gray or silver colour in menstrual blood.

Preventive measures include: removal of the risk factors, ie normalization of the body weight, balanced physical activity, rejection of smoking and alcohol consumption, early treatment of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system, as well as the use the “INDOLE-3” preventive complex, which strengthens woman’s body, and regular visits of gynecologist.

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