Prevention of breast cancer

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Prevention of breast cancerBreast cancer is the oncological disease which is the most common among women. Currently, medicine has not found a method that would help to completely treat breast cancer. In spite of this, modern medicine knows methods of prevention of this disease. Prevention of breast cancer is composed of four main rules, which we will discuss later in this article.

The first rule consists in the following: avoid injuries of mammary glands. Avoid mechanical damages, abrasions, contusions and other injuries, as they may lead to the development of various neoplasms.

The second rule: go in for sports. Statistics shows that regular trainings produce a beneficial effect on the health of the breast. This is explained by the fact that excess fat deposits in the body of a woman are conducive to active release of the hormone estrogen, which in turn causes the development of malignant neoplasms in the mammary glands. Conclusion is the following: walk more withoutdoors, have trainings in fitness clubs and perform morning exercises.

The third rule is one of the most important methods of prevention. Have regular diagnostic examination of mammary glands for the presence of various neoplasms. It is enough to carry out a self- diagnosing of breast every two or three weeks and to carry out a full diagnosing in specialized clinics once every two or three years. It is necessary for women over the age of 40 to carry out examination once a year and it is obligatory to make mammography.

The fourth rule includes such areas of life as pregnancy and sexuality. Physiology of each person is subject to the laws of nature. Female body is not an exception. That is why it needs a regular sexual life and periodic inflow of male sex hormones for full-fledged functioning. A woman should remember that the first pregnancy is a very important stage of life, so it should be preserved. Following confinement will only have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the mammary glands. Doctors recommend to nourish babies with natural breast milk, not with milk replacers.

Breastfeeding is not only useful for the growing body of the child, but also for full-fledged activity of the woman body.

Prevention of breast cancer, of course, includes a proper diet. You can include a biologically active complex "Indole-3" in your diet, after preliminary consultation with your gynecologist. Remember that alcohol consumption increases the risk of cancer by 50%.

Take care and be healthy!

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