Symptoms of hormonal imbalance in females

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Symptoms of hormonal imbalance in femalesDo you begin to notice the fact that you are on emotional rollercoaster frequently? Do you feel tired and apathetic constantly? Be careful, these are the first symptoms of hormonal imbalance in females. Hormonal imbalance represents one of the most frustrating diseases, which cause discomfort to the woman. Hormonal imbalance occurs the most frequently in women.

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Ways to strengthen immune system

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Ways to strengthen immune systemAre you often ill in the autumn and winter? According to statistics, the greater part of the population suffers from the cold-related diseases and flu during this period. How do you know how much healthy is your body and whether or not it is ready to stand against infections and viruses that cause the common cold in the autumn and winter?

It is very simple to do. Answer the following questions for your own sake:

- Do you have acute respiratory viral infections 3-4 times a year?

- Are you allergic to pollen, dust, hair or pharmaceuticals?

- Do you often have oral herpes?

- Do you have bad habits (excessive alcohol consumption or smoking)?

- Do you eat fruit and vegetables not very often?

- Is your lifestyle more passive that active?

If most of the answers were positive, you should think about the ways to strengthen immune system in the autumn and winter to stay healthy and full of energy.

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Women uterus diseases

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Women uterus diseasesWhich diseases of the uterus in women could occur? At the present time, there are many gynecological diseases, which every woman could face. In this article we present a list of the most common women’s diseases and their symptoms.

The prevention and detection of diseases of the female reproductive organs at early stages is very important for every woman. Therefore, every woman should know the basic symptoms of gynecological diseases, as well as the causes of various diseases.

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Women Health Products

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Women Health ProductsCurrently, list of products that can slow the aging process in humans is known all over the world. In particular, the female body after 30-40 years is prone to various hormonal diseases, caused by age-related hormonal changes. In this article we will talk about products which women aged 30-40 years should eat in order to maintain their health.

Scientists have identified a list of products that make the most positive effect on a woman’s body and could prevent breast cancer, nerve damage and heart disease by regular use. What useful products for women’s health is it necessary to eat every day?

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Vitamins for Women Health

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Vitamins for Women HealthDo you often notice discomfort, constant fatigue or feel depressed? These symptoms can often occur in the spring because of a lack of vitamins in the female body. When you are faced with the first signs of vitamin deficiency: sluggishness, drowsiness, difficult morning awakening, irritability, worsening of the condition of hair, skin and nails, you need to visit a doctor immediately so he could prescribe the appropriate treatment to you.

So, what vitamins are essential for women’s health?

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Women health over 40

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Women health over 40As we get older, many of the processes in the body slow down their pace: most systems are worn out, regeneration slows down and so on. That is why the human body requires special attention and care over the years. It should be noted that women aged over 40 are more susceptible to the adverse effects of the environment. Women’s health after 40 years undergoes significant hormonal changes and alterations.

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Treatment and prevention of cancer

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Treatment and prevention of cancerWhat is cancer? What are the reasons of appearance of cancer? What is the treatment and prevention of cancer? This will be discussed later in this article.

Cancer is the oncological disease that belongs to a group of diseases, the cause of which appearance is a sharp increase of the epithelial cells that cover almost all organs and tissues of the human body. Disease got its name in consequence of the fact that the surrounding tissues neoformation protuberances resemble the shape of the nipper of cancer.

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